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نحن نحب القراءة، ماذا عنكم؟ - قناة ماجد Majid Kids TV

Majid Kids TV لمشاهدة الفيديو كاملا للعرض المسرحي لمبادرة القراءة في شهر مارس لأصحاب ماجد تابعونا في قناة ماجد.

Learning about Germs for Kids 🤢 Wash Your Hands 👏

Hello Friends, Here is another video about germs. Dont forget to always wash your hands and make healthy choices.

🌷🌿 Plants Are Everywhere: About Plants For Kids 🌿🌷

This Video is about Plants and how important plants are for humans, animals and planet earth. Do you have any plants around where you live?

Learning about Minerals for kids 🍎☀✨🌷

Hello there, Today I have this video about minerals and where minerals come from.
Always remember to make healthy choices.

Nutrition for kids 🍉🍎🍓

Hello Friends, In this video we learn about our nutrition in general. In the next video we will talk about food groups. Always remember, Make healthy choices

Healthy Food 🍒 Healthy Body 💪 Healthy Mind 🙇

All the Cool Kids know that, when you eat healthy you stay healthy. Be cool, eat healthy. Always Remember: Healthy Food, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

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